The Pousada

The Pousada Lorde Inglês was inaugurated in 2016 bringing to the neighborhood of Boa Vista an accommodation option that excels for comfort and hospitality. Its name is a tribute to the street that is installed and to the stained glass of Heinch Moser that portrays a lord with all his elegance and that beautifies the facade of the house.

The story goes that the origin of the English priest name dates back to 1837 when the English Reverend Charles Adye Austin resided there, the first chaplain of the Anglican church of the Holy Trinity.
The Pousada Lorde Inglês was installed in a 1940 mansion that was renovated and modernized to offer comfort and practicality to the guest who needs to be in the center of Recife while enjoying the cozy and quiet nostalgic environment of the Boa Vista neighborhood.

Environmental awareness

Thinking about the future, the hostel has a conscience focused on caring for the planet. Facing this, were installed equipment inherent to the preservation of the environment such as: solar heater, natural lighting and with led lamps, presence sensors, sanitary discharge with double drive as well as the valuation in the landscaping. Our employees were trained on the need for recycling and non-waste, making the hostel more pleasant and sustainable.

draw of the pousada lorde inglês